2018.04.26 The Sacred Heart asks for prayers for Angelo and Sabrina

During the morning Mass, and precisely during the proclamation of the Holy Gospel, I hear in my heart:


"Sabrina, write."




"I, too, have a word to say about this very painful situation. Amen."


(significant pause)


"I ask all those who love you, in Italy and abroad, to pray for you, because - although I know everything, I think, in this case, to speak in the human way: as He, your Most Loving Brother, who walks with you, at your side, day and night -, behold, Sabrina: I want to ask today all those who love you, to pray, because I fear for your physical safety."


(very significant pause)


"Write this on My Site - it is precious - and go in peace, and with the Power of My Protection, which accompanies you.

Go in peace!".


Interior locutions received on April 26, 2018, Thursday of the fourth week of Easter, in church.