2009-11-22 Message of Christ the King

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

this is the Message that the Lord has given on Sunday, November 22, 2009, which is dedicated to Christ the King.

Read it with your heart so that the consequence will be your prayer with true love for this Europe which has grown so distant from Christ.

Be careful, dear brothers and sisters: the words “HOLIDAYS DRENCHED IN BLOOD”, as Our Lord has said, don’t have a specific reference to the upcoming Holidays. He has spoken about “HOLIDAYS”, but without specifying further.

These holy words of God don’t want to frighten us; rather,  these exhortations, in our Lord's mind, are aimed at awakening us from our souls' tired sleep and strongly and lovingly encourage us to a real conversion of heart.

 “Now, My darling, write. Amen.”

“Come now, little mother – in Me, Jesus Christ God, amen, amen, amen –, listen to Me. Amen.”


“Now I come to tell you, to confirm to you, dear, amen, that THE HOLIDAYS WILL BE, for Italy – miserable Italy, amen! – and not just for it, amen – Christ, amen – DRENCHED – and stained, amen, amen – IN BLOOD. Amen … not Mine, however, amen, which is, on the contrary, a means of profound salvation. Amen.”




“This happens and will happen … because both Italy and Europe and also America to a large extent now – and not since one day ago, amen – REFUSE ME. Amen. AND WITH deliberate OBSTINACY, too. Amen.”


“Let them know, beloved dear, let “My” people, who have been chosen since centuries ago, and however REFUSE ME, know this; WITH GUILTY OBSTINACY, as I told you, amen.”




“Let  My Church and the whole world know (note: at this point, the Lord told me that this Message must be translated into English) that soon will come the dark and difficult times of severe punishment, punishment that they themselves – even though they are My children, amen, which is to say baptized, with the glorious and particular grace of the seal of My Baptism, amen – even though  they, Christians only by name, are already building with their own hands, amen, and their own evil heart, which is more and more prostituted  to the enemy: satan. Amen.”



“Are we or are we not at the time of My Advent? Answer Me,  My dear chosen soul.”


I thought for a moment about what He meant by that question. Then I told Him that it depends on whether you consider the Roman Rite or the Ambrosian (Milanese) one; under the Roman Rite, that Sunday was the Sunday of Christ the King; for the Church of Milan, it was the Second Sunday of Advent.

“Well, next Sunday, it – this most holy time of great grace – will once again begin, for My entire Catholic Church, both holy and sinful, amen.”

“But now I,  Christ your God and three times Holy, amen, amen, amen – I add  right away:  WHO, HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN THIS?”



“Most of these “Christian” people are HYPOCRITES, amen, and so soon they will suffer the punishment deserved by hypocrites, amen, amen. Christ, amen.”

I, I, God of the armies, will wet this filthy land with blood, with much  bloodshed, amen … and then, later, war, homicidal and fierce violence, merciless, amen … and I’ll do this because you, bastard children – not genuine, who do not look like Me, Christ your God and LOVE, amen – as your foolish fathers have already done, amen, YOU HAVE ABANDONED ME; YOU HAVE TURNED YOUR BACKS ON ME, you UNGRATEFUL and CARELESS sons and daughters – yes, tell them! – extremely  INDIFFERENT and COLD, amen – in front of many, so many of MY PRECIOUS ATTENTIONS OF DIVINE GRACE AND LOVE, both for your Italy, and, throughout history, amen, until this hour, amen, amen, for all Europe, amen.”



“But how have you REPAID ME?

By building yourself myriads of idols – big, and small idols, amen, but still terrible and fearsome ones, amen, for the safety and full and uncorrupted health for your immortal spirits, amen – just as I, who am your Jesus, your Supreme Friend and Treasure, amen – I wish  I could look at you and admire you, sons and daughters of Mine: completely healthy in your soul, which is the most important thing, amen, because – do not forget, amen, amen, amen – flesh – alas, because of the original sin and of your current and repeated ones, amen – increasingly gets corrupted, and you get sick, and you get old, and then you die, amen.”

(remarkable pause)


“Amen, I am Christ.

Why have I told you all this, My  – very – ungrateful children?”



“Because I am Jesus, My ungrateful and thankless children, really hard-headed, amen … and, therefore, being JESUS, amen, amen, amen, I am THE LOVE THAT SAVES.


“I HAVE GREAT, GREAT, SO GREAT LOVING COMPASSION, beloved dear, My host soul, amen, for this whole poor humanity, so drifting and corrupted, and confused for the most part, extremely, amen.”



“But, but … if I am still here talking to you, I actually cannot do it in vain. I am God, I don’t speak nonsense or in vain, amen.”

“If I still bend over you, it is because, if you – if you, amen, besides Me, amen – want it, there’s still – but not for long, amen, amen – time for remedy and there is still the medicine, loving but also bitter – because I’m Sweet, but you children are bitter to My Holiest and Divine, and human, Heart, amen – I said, there is still the medicine for your obscured and very sick and ill spirits, amen.”

“And this healthy medicine is: MY DIVINE MERCY. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.”


“The fruit of Forgiveness is sweet: it is joy.

But the repentance should be bitter, because of the sincere pain for having offended Me and done yourself – a lot – of evil, so that  repentance will not be like a sterile and fleeting spark in the wind, as they say, amen.”




COURAGE, then! Join Me, Christ, sole Holy and Supreme Mediator, in invoking FORGIVENESS and DIVINE MERCY on the whole world and, especially, on Europe and this poor Italy, amen.”

“For now, My dear chosen one ... I am finished, but soon I’ll be back to you, to talk for the truest sake of My souls – all, amen – chosen and not: all of them immensely loved by Me, amen.”

“But now, before I leave, oh chosen Sabrina, I want you – on the website, in its home page, amen – I want you to make them more aware of the great seriousness of the widespread sin – and execrable crime – of ABORTION.”

Why do you shed so much innocent blood? Why do you kill My little ones by the millions?

“BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOURSELVES MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, and, therefore, even if you are not satanists in a occult sect, amen, nonetheless you worship the Beast (see: Apocalypse 13), which is murderous and cruel beyond words and human imagination, amen – indeed, his perverse intelligence belongs to an order which  is “higher” than the merely natural, rational and human one: his wicked and mostly destructive actions are of the preternatural kind, amen, for envy toward God and man – I here mean man/woman, amen – His favourite creature, amen.

Therefore you have become … like him, and so you love death not life, amen, hate not true love, amen.”



“And, therefore, if you’ll have blood shed in abundance, since now beat yourselves  on the chest with true repentance, because you yourselves are the first murderers and suicides and self-hating – besides hating God and your neighbour, amen.”

“Beloved, I do not bless anything tonight; none of this, I – Christ Supreme Love and True King of Love, amen, amen, amen – I can bless, because looking at this land of mud and spiritual excrement (see: Ezekiel 4,9-17), I see much of the great Babylon, harlot and dirty – vicious, amen – of the times of  the Apocalypse (see: Apocalypse 17-18), described by My John, the saint and mystic Apostle, amen.

Only My victimstrue victim souls, amen, amen, amen – may console tonight My Divine and Pure Heart, burning of tangible Love for man – for every man and woman, amen – WITH THEIR LOVING LOYALTY. AMEN.”

“... I suffer because I AM NOT THE TRUE KING IN MANY HEARTS, and tell them that – although it is useful and worthy, amen – it is not enough to keep Me hanging on their walls, when in their hearts I am dead, because of the sinful state of their broken spirit. Amen.”

“I am finished. I am Jesus, your sad Jesus …”

“I’M THIRSTY, chosen soul … Give Me, therefore, a drink of LOVE … amen.”

“Go in peace.”

“Finish like this, Sabrina,  My chosen dear. Amen.”

“Make the sign of the Cross, however”.

Interior locutions received during Eucharistic Adoration.