2015-10-01 Message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus about schism and nuclear war

After a brief personal dictated message, the Divine Teacher continues and says:

"Oh dear, go and post soon on My precious Site this brief and intense Message of Mine.

I expressly ask My holy priests and all the souls in the Catholic Church who are in My Grace, to pray - in these October days - and offer Me fasting and sacrifices, raised with their heart, since satan - I do not hide this from you, My dear children - wants to take possession of a part, which is not small, of My Holy Church.

That is, satan wants - in these difficult times - a schism, a division: yet another wound inflicted to My Heart and another tear, after those of the past, in My Mystical Body.

Division - I was telling you, oh Sabrina, My dear chosen one - within My Catholic Church and a frightening nuclear war, that spreads its horrors throughout the world. Amen."

"PRAY A LOT, My children, PRAY A LOT."

"Go in peace!

Christ Jesus.



Interior locutions received during the Vespers of Thursday, October 1, 2015, in a monastery church.