2015-08-30 Message from the Sacred Heart to the synod fathers

At the beginning of a eucharistic adoration, after the Holy Mass, I hear in my heart the voice of the Lord who solemnly and manly says:

"Oh Sabrina, My chosen one, this is a Message from Me to all synod fathers and, as such, it will also have to be translated into English."


"I, Myself - Jesus Christ, the Holy of God, the true Son, the Heavenly Father's eternal Verb, the highest King and the supreme, highest, sublime God - want to tell them this: regarding the family, and any other issue, or whatever topic, there is not - there cannot be - any wise and holy decision - that is, in accordance with God's Holy Will - other than the eternal and truthful teaching of the Holy Scripture and the Holy apostolic Tradition. Amen."

"At the moment I have nothing else to tell you, oh Sabrina, My chosen one. So, go in peace."

Interior locutions received on Sunday, August 30, 2015, in a convent church.