2022-04-05 MSC to the president Mario Draghi - Unjust restrictions in Italy

Message from the Lord Jesus to the president of the Italian Cabinet, Mario Draghi

During the vespertine Holy Mass, I hear in my soul:

"Sabrina, listen to Me carefully.

I am Christ."


"I start by telling you this:

I address Mario Draghi and advise him - for his own sake, as well as for the sake of Italy as a whole: the true one, the one consisting of the people who, in My divine radiant eyes, are of good intentions - to resign."

(meaningful pause)

"Go in peace ...".

Message from the Lord on the unjust restrictions that are in force in Italy at this time

At the offertory of the Holy Mass:

"Listen to Me again, Sabrina.

Are the unfair restrictions over?"

- Unfortunately not, Lord.

There has been only a partial loosening of these restrictions. -

"That is the case.

And therefore, until they have ceased completely, do not cut your hair.

This I, Christ, Son of God, do command you, for you are to Me, at this moment, in some ways, like My John: the one in the desert: My forerunner."

"Go in peace".

Interior locutions received on April 5, 2022, Tuesday of the fifth week of Lent, in church.