2023-01-27 Complete abandonment to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.


During Holy Mass, I hear in my soul:


"Sabrina listen to Me. I am Christ."




"Today - Friday: day of My suffering - I want to speak to you about the devil.

In other words: who the devil is."


"The father of lies and master of deceits: very pernicious (things)."




"The father of sadness, of anguish; of despair, above all."


(meaningful pause)


"In vain do My poor suffering creatures seek solace in the various forms of evasion. These are only poisonous deceits.

Moral evil is ruinous, oh children."


(meaningful pause)


"It is for this reason that I, today - I, Jesus Christ, God and true Man - strongly exhort you to pray - pray with your heart, oh sons and daughters - and, above all, to abandon yourselves completely to Me, upon My Most Sacred Heart, oh sons and daughters: as if you were in the arms of the most loving mother.

Indeed: even more so, oh sons and daughters, My beloved ones.

Because My Love is Divine."


(meaningful pause)


"Go in peace, Sabrina."


"I bless you: from the depths of My Heart."


"Go in peace."



Interior locutions received on January 27, 2023, in church.