2009-11-27 The Lord Jesus' strong appeal to prayer

“I WANT PEOPLE – MY DEAR SONS AND DAUGHTERS, amen, amen, amen – I WANT PEOPLE TO PRAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE  AT THIS TIME, AMEN, IN ORDER TO AVERT or at least SOFTEN MY FATHER'S SAINT IRE – HIS  JUSTICE, AMEN – WHICH HANGS – like a spiritual lightning, amen, which is by now ready to strike, powerful and rightful, amen, amen, amen – OVER THIS POOR WORLD, WHICH IS PERVERTED TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE. AMEN.”

“Go in peace. And with My blessing, amen.”

“I am Jesus, the Savior and the Judge, but I’m Merciful. Amen.”

“Remind the souls of this … My dear daughter … so that  they are not afraid to get close to Me again even in case they are great sinners, amen.”

“Go in peace, My chosen one, I am finished, for now. Amen, Jesus, amen.”

“And with the sign of the cross, of My Victorious Cross. Amen, Jesus, amen”.

Interior locutions received on November 27, 2009, right after the Holy Mass, at church.