2021-09-15 "Italy will shed many tears ..."

- Message from the Lord Jesus on the Memory of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows -

During the vespertine Holy Mass, I hear in my soul:

"Sabrina listen to Me. I am Christ."


"I wish to tell My poor suffering children, here in Italy, that very hard times are ahead: bitter ones."

"Only if they remain in My Love - that is, in My Holy Grace - will the souls of My poor and dear children be able to remain spiritually upright, in the very difficult times that are approaching."

(very significant pause)

"Therefore listen to Me carefully, very carefully, Sabrina.

On My behalf, you must let souls know this: children. Sons and daughters. Do live in My Holy Grace, lest you be overwhelmed in the horrid storm of despair of the heart."

"And should you – for frailty, or even for malice: because you are, in general, so weak, oh poor and dear children of Mine – (should you) happen to fall into serious sin - I beg you! oh children - do not remain in such a horrible state of spiritual death.

Instead, do approach, with sincere repentance, the ineffable Sacrament of My admirable and inexhaustible Divine Mercy: the Holy Confession."

(significant pause)

"Listen to Me again, Sabrina. I am Christ."

(significant pause)

"Thick darkness increasingly envelops this poor sinful world: because there are truly many souls who have willingly turned their backs on Me; even among My consecrated and My anointed ones there are (only) a few left to profess the true and upright Faith.

Most of them have decided - for a series of reasons that I am not here, now, going to examine, Sabrina - to participate in the filthy and ephemeral orgy of Babylon, the great prostitute."

"Poor children! They suffer so much: how much vivid Compassion My Divine Heart of Sorrow feels for each one of them."


"Beloved children - loved by Me as the pupil of My right eye - : yes, oh you, My priests.

And you, religious men and women, who have vowed yourselves to Me with triple and mystical crucifixion - through the three holy vows, professed out of love, in order to unite yourselves mystically more intimately with Me, Divine Spouse - since I love you very much, behold, in this blessed Vespers, I strongly exhort you - with My Sacred Heart in My pierced Hand:

Return to Me!

But (do that) soon, Oh beloved ones.

Because tremendous punishments are looming on the world."


"Yes: here is that Heart that has so loved the world, and that in return receives from most human creatures nothing but outrages, sacrileges and serious offenses."

(significant pause)

"At least you, oh you whom I, Christ, have preferred by calling you to a priestly and/or religious life - despite your poverty and inadequacy - I beg you! – do correspond to My Crucified Love!"

(significant pause)

"And you, Oh victim souls: do console Me!"

"My Heart burns with purest Love, for each of you, My holy victims.

Oh! how important, Oh victims consecrated to Me, is your personal donation of love to Me, Christ, True and Holy God."

(very significant pause)

"Sabrina, write this again:

Note: The Lord, with heartfelt sadness, goes on to say:

Italy will shed many tears because, although beloved by Me, it has greatly rejected Me: refused, denied (Me)."

(significant pause)

"Go in peace ...".

Interior locutions received on September 15, 2021, in church.