2021-06-24 Message from the Lord Jesus regarding anticovid vaccines

"The Pain of My Most Sacred Heart is very high ..."

The following dictation was given during the Vespers Mass at a Marian shrine.

As the Word of God is being proclaimed, I hear in my soul:

"Listen to Me Sabrina: I am Christ."

(significant pause)

"Listen to Me.

When a person claims to be fearful of Me; well, when such a person is confronted with the following - serious - question: are there cell lines of aborted fetuses in the anticovid vaccines or are there not?

Well, if this person is really fearful of Me, the least he/she can do is to do some research, as far as possible: because not all the news that is given to you by the press and television are true.

To do some serious research, then, and finally make the appropriate decisions."

"Write, Sabrina, that I am very serious in saying this."

(significant pause)

"Beware, My dear children, not to be deceived because, regarding the anticovid vaccines, even that heretic who is seated on the throne of Peter teaches you wrongly: in fact, for some time now, he has been a champion and promoter of the lawfulness, and even the validity, of these strange (moreover, Sabrina, too little tested) vaccines.

But on the other hand, Sabrina, it is well known what very often moves the world: the immoderate and satanic quest for power and money: often obtained by the wicked and the evil, at all cost: even trampling under their feet, with their hearts soaked with so much evil, the innocent lives of unborn children.

Never born because voluntarily aborted."

(very significant pause)

"Sons. Sons and daughters.

Soon God, My Father, will harshly punish this poor and wretched world, now too impious and sinful: perverse, and too much similar to satan, in malice and supreme wickedness."

(very significant pause)

"Listen to Me again, Sabrina.

I am Christ, your Savior."

"Listen to Me for the true good of many souls."

(significant pause)

"O sons. Sons and daughters. You are deluded and feed on illusions and dangerous deceptions. Do you think, in fact, that your salvation comes from selfish humans and from these vaccines?

Poor children! I feel a great, deep pity for you: because, besides the rest, you will witness the pernicious and serious effects of these so-called 'covid remedies'."


"If you had wanted, if you had agreed to humbly entrust yourselves to Me, to My Most Holy Heart, then, O My dear and poor children, I would have drawn you out of this hell, that you have built for yourselves."

Note: At this point, because of the Sacred Consecration, the Lord says to me: "Stop; stop Sabrina.".

I adore the Immaculate Body and Precious Blood of the Divine Redeemer of our souls.

So Jesus goes on to say to me:

"Write, Sabrina; write for My beloved souls."


"Instead of entrusting yourselves with humble love to Me, you have preferred to give confidence, to the point of idolatry, to human science. But this, alas Oh children, will not lead you to true salvation."

(significant pause)

"How can you accept, Oh My creatures and, Oh you, My sons and daughters in the Catholic Church, to "cure" your physical health at the cost of the unheard-of suffering of fetuses – aborted while still alive ?

Truly, you are no better than the tormentors of humanity of the twentieth century!"

(very significant pause)

"That's enough, Sabrina: I don't want to talk anymore. The Pain of My Most Holy Heart is very high, since: even many of you who profess to be Christians and Catholics, are ready, so easily! to betray Me and to deny Me for your own miserable profit, for your own convenience and gain, and for the flesh of sin."

(significant pause)

"I have finished, Sabrina.

Yes: that's the end for today ..."

Interior locutions received on June 24, 2021, Solemn Holiday of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, forerunner of Christ.