2015-10-18 Woe betide those who call the evil good and good evil

At the beginning of a eucharistic adoration, after the morning Holy Mass, I hear in my soul:

"Oh my dear Sabrina, with your heart bleeding - for days - in pain for My Church, now write: Woe - three times woe - betide those who call darkness light and light darkness! (reference to Isaiah 5,20) Oh wicked! and above all if those who do this are Pastors of My Holy Church on earth.

Reprehend them, Sabrina: reprehend them as you thought, and above all as My Holy Spirit - He who is LOVE and TRUTH - inspires you."

"Go in peace!

I am Christ: the only Son of the Eternal Father and the supreme and invisible Chief of My Church on earth".

Interior locutions received on Sunday, October 18, 2015, in the church of a convent.