2022-05-10 Serious scandals (being) committed in God's Real Presence

Note: the tone of Our Lord's Voice is sorrowful, serious and calm at the same time.

Just before the beginning of the Vespers Mass, I hear in my soul:

"How I suffer, Sabrina, for these grave immodest acts (being) committed in My Real Presence!"


"... Do write, on My Site, (as) it is precious, where and when these grave - and so frequent! – scandals have been committed."

(meaningful pause)

"Whose fault and responsibility is it?

Primarily, it is My priests’ responsibility, who, not trusting in Me and in My admirable Providence, are afraid – are cowardly: how cowardly they are! – to recall and instruct souls - and even young ones - on what demeanor and attire truly (should be kept) in My holy home, in My Real Presence."

"Second: very often, (the responsibility falls on) the parents, who are such as they have procreated these people, these young people.

But what can be expected, Sabrina, Oh My servant, from men and women who are lustful and sensual themselves?

From people who are not educated?

From a people - you, Oh Italians - who have, in such a large part, turned your back on Me? And, moreover, with great obstinacy and pride."


"Moreover, even these young people - since they have well reached and passed the age of maturity -, they too, therefore, carry their share of blame and responsibility."


"But, even in this regard, what can be expected of youth who, for the most part, feed their souls on pornography, and who, as early as the age of twelve, for example, engage in sexual activities?...

What sense of modesty - and what holy fear of Me, the Eternal and Holy God - do you expect (to find) in people, young and old, who the devil throws here and there, as he pleases, and, in many cases, while they do not even realize it?"

(very meaningful pause)

"To My beloved victims, and to Christians who are in the Grace of God, with My Heart in My pierced Hand, I say:




"Go in peace".

Interior locutions received May 10, 2022, in the shrine of Santa Maria del Monte above Varese.