2023-10-29 Message of Merciful Jesus to poor repentant sinners

"O Jesus, I trust in You. I trust You.”


During Holy Mass, I hear in my soul:


"O Sabrina, listen to Me. I am Christ: the Lord."


(meaningful pause)


"Listen to Me.


Today, holy Sunday, I come to you, O My chosen servant, to console, to comfort, to exhort a particular category of souls, who - as I see - suffer much: they are some of those souls who have greatly sinned, but who then, Sabrina, have - by My grace and their own good will – repented."


"They have asked Me, therefore, for forgiveness in the wondrous Sacrament of My Divine, Infinite Mercy.

And I, Christ God good in the highest, have truly forgiven them, one by one."


"Yet they do not find peace, Sabrina: that true peace which I alone, Jesus Christ, can donate to your human hearts.

For they are tormented by excessive guilt; and, consequently, satan - the Enemy, the evil one par excellence - uses this inner defect of theirs - the lack of sufficient trust in My Infinite Merciful Love: such that no mind, neither angelic nor human, can peer into - to diminish them, and - like - to force them to live, or, I say even better, to drag on a sad, dull existence, constantly veiled in sad and very depressing bitterness."


(meaningful pause)


"No children. No, sons and daughters.

Not so - tormented at length - does My Sacred Loving and Good Heart want and desire you."


"Listen to Me Sabrina. Listen to Me for the sake of all My beloved souls.


A soul, deceived by satan, gives in - often out of human weakness - to the poisonous satanic seductions ... but then, as My holy Pope also rightly said (note: here the Lord is referring to a concept expressed by the Blessed John Paul I): the pleasure (when even there is one) is brief, it passes very quickly; but the evil remains.

So, sooner or later, the person returns to her/himself, reflects and repents.

Then, when it is possible, the person approaches My holy confessional and humbly accuses her/himself and humbles her/himself in My Holy Presence.

And so she/he gives Me the opportunity to repeat, once again, those admirable Words - which not only give true peace to the sincerely repentant soul, but also great joy to My Merciful Heart, so eager to give you Forgiveness, O children! -.


Those admirable Words: - And I absolve you. -"


(very meaningful pause)


"After that, Sabrina - and that is why, primarily, I am speaking to you today - : I do not think about it anymore - said in a very simple way, so that all people can understand it - : I do not think about your sins anymore.

Because: those that are absolved sins, before Me no longer exist."


(meaningful pause)


"Sons and daughters: after I have forgiven you, I desire to hear - and My ear, especially My Heart is constantly listening to each of you ... -, I desire to hear these words:


- O Jesus, I trust in You.

I trust You.

I firmly believe in Your Love for me. -"


(meaningful pause)


"Sons and daughters: I am Jesus.

Jesus: God with you.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Jesus, your brother,

your Best Friend."


"Think about it, O dear ones.

I tell you, today, for your authentic good: present and eternal."




"For now go in peace, Sabrina."



Inner locutions received Sunday, October 29, 2023, in a sanctuary.