2023-09-30 Message from the Sacred Heart on the October "synod"

During the homily of the festive vesper Holy Mass, I hear in my soul:


"Sabrina, pick up (your pen) and write. I am Christ."




"Listen to Me carefully.

This so-called synod is not a true Synod; but I, today, say to you: put in extremely simple words, so that all may understand them: it is a great premeditated hoax."


(very meaningful pause)


"Listen to Me.

I tell you: this Church betrays Me deeply. It makes My Heart bleed.

Because it is full of itself: of selfishness, of the world, of lust for worldly power: earthly, devilish."


(meaningful pause)


"For now go in peace, Sabrina, My dear."


Inner locutions received on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023, at church.