2022-05-03 Jesus addresses those who are in danger of despair

"I long to be loved."

- Jesus addresses those who are in danger of despair.

- The Sacred Heart asks for prayers for poor sinners.

- Forgiveness to enemies out of His love.

During the vespertine Mass, I hear in my soul:

"Sabrina, listen to Me; I am Christ.

Listen to Me."


"I wish to be loved, Sabrina."

"Tell My beloved souls that I am always waiting for them at My Throne of inexhaustible, Divine Mercy: the Sacred Tabernacle."

(meaningful pause)

"I see, Sabrina, many wounds, in the souls and hearts of My beloved children.

I am the Divine Physician, Sabrina.

And I ardently desire to heal the wounds of broken hearts: broken and pierced by evil, and, sometimes, by much pain."

(meaningful pause)

"Sabrina, listen to Me.

In these blessed Vespers, in honor of My Holy Apostles, I have something to tell you, to ask you: will you, My dear, forgive your enemies for My sake ?"

- Lord, yes: for Your sake, with Your Grace, I forgive them. -

"... Continue, oh dear, to pray to Me for the souls of poor sinners.

I, the Sacred Heart of Love, desire that all My beloved sons and daughters, who will read this holy dictation of Mine, accept, with humble and grateful hearts, this Divine, heartfelt Appeal of Mine:

Oh My dear, My beloved children, I strongly urge you to pray every day for the conversion of poor sinners.

And especially for those poor souls who, after many misfortunes, are tempted to despair.

But no! My Heart is the Ocean of Divine Mercy. And therefore, all of you who are tempted to commit suicide after having suffered (so) much, listen to Me: no, dear ones; do not listen to the enemy devil, who, perfidious to the utmost, wants to lead you to complete ruin.

No children! Listen to Me, who am your Most Pious Redeemer, full of inexhaustible Mercy for all, and particularly for those whose heart is hardened by pain the most, and therefore in danger of falling into the dark, so dark abyss of despair."

(meaningful pause)

"I love you, children. Take heart! Even if you have fallen very low, do not despair.

My Grace, when received in humble and repentant heart, can fix everything."


"Go in peace".

Interior locutions received on May 3, 2022, Memory of the Holy Apostles Philip and James, at church.