2017-09-24 Important Message, after the Correctio filialis directed at pope Francis was published

Shortly before the Holy Communion, I hear in my heart:

"Sabrina, listen to Me. I am Christ."

"After Communion, I will talk to you."

In fact, while the priest who hosts the Divine Sacrifice, pronounces the prayer after Communion, I hear in my soul:

"The so-called ecumenical mass is a false mass."


"I say, I state this, My beloved dear ..., with a deep pain in My Most Holy Soul: because it is simply extremely serious that this should happen within My holy and Catholic Church. Amen."

(significant pause)

"And more: there are, among My holy people, bishops and clerics - and a part of them are not even, substantially, evil - who could more appropriately be called "papists" rather than "christians and catholics".

In fact, these people, despite the obviousness of certain serious mistakes - doctrinal mistakes, amen - spread by Francis through his deplorable Amoris laetitia, (these people) continue to support his work - which is substantially, even though not yet formally, heretical - and (continue to support) his statements, some of which are even absurd and blasphemous: yes, they persist in supporting his seriously erroneous pastoral indications, even though it is by now clear that, with many of his teachings, he does not follow the authentic spirit and the authentic Catholic Tradition. Amen."

(significant pause)

"I am deeply grateful to the authors of the Filial Correction directed to pope Francis ( http://www.correctiofilialis.org/it/ ), and I would like to tell them, in this glorious Sunday - in honour of My admirable Resurrection - not to get discouraged, nor disheartened, on the narrow road that My Truth is, which they have consciously decided to state in public; while most of today's humanity lies in the darkness of error and is a slave to immorality: and thus, it certainly can't see, nor decide to embrace, the blazing Light that My Truth is. Amen."

(significant pause)

"Where are the brave bishops and cardinals?

Where are My true prophets, among the clergy?"

"My dearest children, who participate in My eternal Ministry by means of the eminent grace of the sacred Order - that all of you: bishops, priests, deacons, although at different degree, have received -, I know this, I know you completely: those of you who do have a good heart, are too hesitant to expose yourselves, by openly denouncing Francis's serious mistakes, because they are afraid to be called, and above all to actually become, the authors of a frightful schism within My holy and Catholic Church. "

(significant pause)

Note: the following holy words have been spoken by the Lord Jesus with particular distress:

"Dear children, I beg you, because I immensely love you: open the eyes of your heart! and see that, in fact, the schism is already here!


And who instigated this isn't you, witnesses of My eternal and immutable Truth, but it was the Amoris laetitia, that gave the so-called fatal coup-de-grace, so that finally - finally, according to the masons and fake catholics - that wall would fall; that stronghold of Catholic Truth, which, essentially, both John Paul II and Benedict XVI had supported, against the serious pitfalls of modernism - that was rightfully condemned by Saint Pious X, ( http://w2.vatican.va/content/pius-x/it/encyclicals/documents/hf_p-x_enc_19070908_pascendi-dominici-gregis.html ) - and of the misleading and lutheran moral relativism; and those two servants of Mine did this, enduring deep and persistent moral sufferings: since in the Vatican, and in My holy Church on earth - because of the sublime gift of free will - that I, Eternal God, have granted to human creatures, in resemblance - and nobleness of the being - to Me, Highest Creator - not only My Holy and Divine, Bright Spirit operates, but also the devil and its satellites do, and their ultimate goal is diametrically opposed to Mine: satan and his followers want, with all themselves, to corrupt as much as possible, and to take to eternal perdition, the souls that I acquired at the infinite price of My Precious Blood, on the Cross."

(significant pause)

"Bishops, cardinals, priests: I, I myself - Jesus Christ, your God and most pious Saviour - ask you: do unite in a holy League to oppose the spirit of the Enemy: the lutheran-protestant spirit, that more and more every day, and through a thousand cracks, weasels his way through the mystical house of My Church on earth."

(significant pause)

"Children all, My beloved, catholic christians: today, with My Holy blazing Heart in My pierced Hand, I beg you: do constantly pray for pope Francis's conversion: because, if he will not mend his ways from his serious mistakes, finally confirming his brothers in the true Holy and Catholic Faith (Luke,22,32), a horrible darkness will spread on the world, precisely starting from the One - the Church, My Church - who should instead be the lighthouse of Truth and light of true Hope for all nations.

And the punishments will be terrible. Amen."

(significant pause)

"My dear sons, My beloved daughters, you, who are scholar, and who bravely exposed yourselves in the Filial Correction, out of love for My Divine and Human Person, and for My immutable, eternal Truth: you certainly remember the arian crisis in the 4th century ... how many people remained "with" the Truth and "in" the Truth? Very few, indeed.

The same will also happen at these very troubled times: only a small remainder of faithful families and priests will remain: but this remainder, which will be spiritually fertilized by the mystic dew of the Paraclete Spirit - in the eyes of the eternal Wisdom of God, My Sublime and Mostly Good Father - will be more than enough to prevent the true Christian and Catholic Faith from completely disappearing, in the dark times of the great tribulation, that are about to come. Amen."

(significant pause)

My beloved children, confessors of My Truth: be advised since now: your compensation in the eternal Heavens will be great!

Because, in this hostile world, sedated by hedonism and by the idolatrous cult of the self, you still "dare" to speak up in defense and for the violated honour of Me Truth. Amen."

(significant pause)

"Sabrina, go in peace.

I have nothing elso to tell you, for now; besides that I am your Shield, and so you must not fear any evil; and not even (fear) your enemies and rivals who - poor things! (note: "poor things!" spoken with Loving Compassion) - are, in My radiant and divine eyes, like poor dry leaves shaken by the deadly wind of the Evil One. Pray for them.

Go in peace!"

Interior locutions received on Sunday, September 24, 2017, during an adoration to the Holy Sacrament, in a church.