2018-01-04 Important Message from Christ the Lord to the brave catholic Bishops

Shortly after the end of the Divine Sacrifice, I hear in my heart:

"Write, oh beloved soul. I am Christ."


"I am close, with all My Hearth, to all those brave Bishops who do, and will, have the holy audacity to rightly contest and reject, with a public statement, the wrongful teaching proposed in Amoris Laetitia by pope Francis. Amen."


"Oh, My beloved Bishops!

I address you today, and tell you: do fight a holy struggle for My Truth and for the preservation on the healthy and holy Catholic Doctrine: the immutable one, the one that always was, because it was founded on Norms and Regulations that are (dictated) by Divine Law. Amen."

"This is the case of My Holy Law, that prohibits - in any case - any adultery, conjugal infidelity (Exodus 20,14; Deuteronomy 5,18), fornication and impurity (1Corynthians 6,9-20; Ephesians 5,3-6; Colossians 3,5-6): (the ones) of the heart, first (Exodus 20,17; Deuteronomy 5,21; Matthew 5,27-28) and then, as a consequence, of the body: of your fragile mortal limbs, not seldom in fight against the immortal soul that inhabits you (Romans 7,14-25). Amen."


"For now, oh Sabrina, My chosen one ..., you can go in peace.

Pray a lot for My poor Church on earth, and know that the enemies of the real Faith - despite today's appearences might seem to tell otherwise - will not prevail! (Matthew 16,18)"

"Go in peace".

Interior locutions received on January 4, 2018, Thursday before the Epiphany, in church.