2018-06-20 Holy Masses celebrated in the Catholic Church are still valid today

- No communion with the heretic Jorge Mario Bergoglio -

At the beginning of Holy Mass, I hear in my heart:

"Sabrina, listen to Me. I am Christ."


"I want to say today that Holy Masses, as they are currently celebrated in the Catholic Church - without changing the words of the Holy Consecration - are still valid today.

And therefore Catholic faithful people, who love Me and wish to please Me, are bound to the obligation - holy duty - of sanctifying the holidays (Exodus 20,8): and this, primarily, by actively and devoutly - that is, in the Grace of God - participating in My Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice. Amen."

(significant pause)

"And those of you who can do so, should attend the Holy Mass even more often; and even every day, if your daily and serious commitments allow you to do so. Amen."

(significant pause)

"But as far as that expression is concerned, that is: "in communion with our pope Francis", I, today, tell you with extreme clarity, oh beloved children of Mine: never accept to be and to profess yourselves in communion with a heretic, which Francis by now patently is (note: in an interior refraction, Iunderstand that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not Catholic)."

"My children, beware of the false gods! (1John 5,21)"


"For now, oh Sabrina, you can go in peace, and with My holy and sacred blessing.

Go in peace!".

The dictation ends before the Alleluja that precedes the proclamation of today's Holy Gospel.

Interior locutions received on June 20, 2018, in church.