2015-05-13 Message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the anniversary of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima

Right after the Holy Mass final hymn (Regina coeli), I hear in my heart.

"Oh Sabrina, I am God."


"Listen to Me, Sabrina. Today, in this day of such particular grace, I interrupt My silence and come to talk to you, to tell you this: be advised, and post this information on My precious website, that THE FATIMA SECRET, in its third part, has not TOTALLY COMPLETED yet.

It is not true that it only applies to the past. Amen."

(significant pause)

"Moreover, with My broken Heart - that is, hurt by many serious sins - in My pierced Hand, I come today to explicitly ask My holy Church on earth - particularly here in Italy, but not only here - that community eucharistic adorations be soon held, lived in My churches, in reparation, with repentant, contrite and prayerful heart and soul.

And I also ask that My believers individually commit to frequent personal - silent - eucharistic adoration, especially after the - holiday but also weekday - Holy Mass - in which they received, in Grace of God, ME, HOLY HOST. Amen."


"I, Divine Beggar, humbly request all this because, in My immeasurable love, I still wish that the terrible - and heavy with human blood - punishments that weigh on Italy and on other nations in the five continents, get mitigated."

"Remember, children, My Mother's holy words; she said that, by fasting with bread and water and through prayer from the heart, even wars can be stopped (reference to the Message from the Queen of Peace of January 25, 2001).

Pray God, My Heavenly and sweet Father, that a war never - never and ever - explodes, because, as satan wants, that war would be nuclear."

(significant pause)

"Sabrina, go in peace. Go in peace and pray...

I bless, with you, all the prayerful souls who guard My Divine Grace; not rarely with big and costly sacrifices."

"I bless: yes, I extend My Resurrected, gloriously plagued Hands, and bless you all, My dear children: sons and daughters, immensely LOVED by My sweet, chaste and strong Heart. Amen."

 "... I bless you again. Go in peace, My daughter. Amen.

I am Christ, the Lord, your God".


Interior locutions received in church, the morning of May 13, 2015, 98° anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Fatima.