2018-06-19 Message of the Sacred Heart to the bishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice

While the priest, in his sermon, speaks of the various forms of martyrdom, bloody and bloodless, I hear in my heart:

"Sabrina, take and write.

I am Christ, the Lord. Amen."

(significant pause)


Lorefice, you are a hypocrite; as hypocrite is your boss: Jorge Mario Bergoglio."

"And so, today, I, Christ, repeat My strong exhortation to you, unworthy shepherds, who, although you occupy high places in My Church, lead ever more souls - My beloved sheep - towards the precipice, on the edge of the abyss of hell."

"And you do this by preaching heresy.

And because - I repeat to you again - you are hypocrites (Matthew 23,13-39). Amen."

(significant pause)

"Lorefice, repent.

Do you want to excommunicate people - Catholic Christians - just because they participated in a procession or will they do so later?..."


Note: The Divine Master refers to the following communication, which was readable until a few hours ago on the homepage of the website of the diocese of Palermo: http://www.diocesipa.it/site/comunicazione-urgente-su-pellegrinaggio-non-autorizzato-a-boccadifalco/

Urgent communication on unauthorized pilgrimage to Boccadifalco

Following the statement appeared today, June 18, 2018 on the web page of "Radio Domina Nostra", which announces a pilgrimage of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima "escorted by don Minutella" and that will take place "in the Palermo village of Boccadifalco", it is specified that this initiative has no authorization from the Ecclesiastical Authority, still being prohibited for don Minutella to publicly exercise the ministry.

Therefore, the faithful are warned that participation in this event or similar ones seriously compromises ecclesial communion, with the consequences provided for by canon law, even to the point of prohibition from the sacraments (cf. CIC can. 1332), and for those who exercise an ecclesial service - established or de facto - the revocation of their ministry.

+ Corrado Lorefice




"Lorefice; Bergoglio: and the unworthy - divorced remarried people, in particular - who receive Me in the Most Holy Host, with your explicit authorization, are those, not (more) excommunicated?"


"I also say it - and I am Christ, the Mighty Lord, who has the Throne up There in the highest Heavens -: FALSE CHURCH! Unworthy prostitute!".

The Lord expressly commands me that, on the Site, today’s holy dictation should end in this way.

Interior locutions received on June 19, 2018, Holiday of the Martyred Saints Gervasius and Protase, in the church.