2021-09-02 The mark of the Beast


It is the hour of vesper.

I have just entered the church, where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for silent adoration, when I hear in my soul:

"Sabrina write. I am Christ."


"Sabrina listen to Me. Listen to Me carefully, for the eternal good of My immortal souls."


In a little while, will My Baptism no longer be able to allow you, to give you the holy honor to cross the threshold of My holy home, the church, and to remain there?"

"Will the unvaccinated - those who do not want to take, receive, be inoculated with that dangerous so-called vaccine: and this for ethical-moral reasons - no longer be able to receive My Holy Sacraments?"

Peacefully I answer Christ: - This, You know, Lord. -

"And what about those who aspire to My priesthood, in your own diocese, Sabrina, who have already been forced to vaccinate themselves?

With that monstrous preparation, Sabrina.

Yes: horrible, satanic: because it drips blood.

The blood of My little ones: of those innocent human creatures (who were) aborted, and vivisected for such perverse purposes."

(very significant pause)

His silence.

"Sabrina, listen to Me.

When will the Italian people awaken?

When will they understand, many of them, that there is a tremendous deception taking place, to the detriment of many people ... when will you understand, Oh children, that with the benevolent excuse to protect your physical health, you are about, every day more, to be subjected to the most cruel and devious of dictatorships?"

"Why do you not understand, Oh children? and, also you, Oh non-believers?

Because, in truth, I tell you today: because a great many of you have turned your backs on Me: by sinning; and so your weary hearts have fallen asleep in a sleep of death, and your souls have hardened - for some of you to the point of petrifying themselves - in evil.

And because, moreover, sin - which has become, for very many of you, a practical rule of life - has sort of narcotized you."

(significant pause)

"Beloved children, so intensely and deeply loved by Me, Christ!

Too many of you have rejected My Wooden yoke - which is also (made of) pain and suffering: but pain that leads to true Salvation and eternal Life. - And you have decided, by repeatedly and obstinately sinning against Me, True God, against your neighbor and even against yourselves, to accept the yoke of iron: the tremendous yoke of the enemy devil * ."


"Oh children! Remember: no one could buy or sell without having imprinted in himself the horrendous mark of the infernal Beast ** ."

(significant pause)

"Sons and daughters.

In this historical moment, so difficult, I - I, Christ - remind you that My Grace is worth more than life.

And I also remind you, Mario: that you are Bishop, by My Will, in this diocese of My Saints Ambrose and Charles."

(very significant pause)

"Mystically, I am very sad and deeply pained, Oh Sabrina, to see, to watch such a large part of the men of My holy Church on earth, so prostituted to worldly and anti-Christic logics."


"Oh My Church! Oh Bishops! how can you so passively accept the undue and grave interference of the state power in the government of My own Church on earth?"

"Be advised, Oh My pastors, that if you refuse - out of cowardice, out of quiet living; out of lust, deliberately chosen as a life choice - to bear witness to the Truth, you are seriously endangering your own eternal salvation, as well as the one of many souls, whom I Myself have entrusted to your pastoral care."

(very significant pause)

His silence.

"Oh daughter.

My Heart is split, shattered with Deep Sorrow."


"Finish like this for now.

Go in peace ...".


* Jeremiah 28, 1-17

** Revelation 13, 1-17

Interior locutions received on September 2, 2021, Thursday.


First Friday, 3 September 2021

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord.

After having obtained the authoritative opinion of my spiritual father, I would like to clarify that in the holy dictation of the Sacred Heart: THE MARK OF THE BEAST, given on September 2, 2021, the Lord did not expressly state that the anti-covid "vaccine" is the mark of the Beast.

It is clear, however, in all evidence, that the Sacred Heart has defined this pseudo-vaccine: "satanic: because it drips blood".

Any comment is superfluous.

Let us implore the Divine Mercy of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus Christ, for us and for all the souls of the entire world.

Sabrina Luraschi Corbetta