2021-11-18 The green pass

  • Anti-covid "vaccine" to children

- The Green pass (Covid vaccine pass) is unconstitutional and undemocratic -

- Anti-covid "vaccine" to children: "For Heaven's sake, don't accept your children being vaccinated!" -

- Grace and sin: "I say again, Live in My Holy Grace." -

- Because the Lord weeps - To Bishops and priests: "Hypocrites! Whitewashed sepulchers." - "Pastors. Wake up." -


Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

I feel it is my duty to point out that the following holy dictation was given after the publication, on the official website of the Italian Episcopal Conference, of the "Message for the Day of Life" scheduled for February 6, 2022: Custodire ogni vita – Chiesacattolica.it .

In that communication, the CEI expressed strong opposition to people who - for ethical-moral reasons and/or of - quite well-founded! - perplexity about the effectiveness of so-called anticovid vaccines - have freely decided not to get injected with the experimental gene serum.

The Italian Bishops write:

There has been no lack, however, of manifestations of selfishness, indifference and irresponsibility, often characterized by a misunderstood affirmation of freedom and a distorted conception of rights.

Very often it has been a matter of people who are understandably frightened and confused, who are basically victims of the pandemic; in other cases, however, such behaviors and speeches have expressed a vision of the human person and of social relations that is far removed from the Gospel and from the spirit of the Constitution. The reaffirmation of the "right to abortion" and the prospect of a referendum to decriminalize the murder of consenting persons also point in the same direction.


In summary: the Italian Episcopal Conference therefore affirms that those who refuse the pseudo-vaccine against covid are selfish, irresponsible and, what is even worse, far from the spirit of the Constitution, and - even! - from the Gospel.

And, in their reprimand, the Italian bishops even come to equate those who do not want to vaccinate to those who support abortion or euthanasia.

There is no trace, in their message, of the fact that the above-mentioned genic serums were obtained from cell lines of voluntarily aborted human fetuses.

Sadly, there is no doubt: these pastors have deviated from the Truth of Christ to follow the Argentine heretic who sits on the throne of Peter.

Kyrie, eleison!


"Sabrina, listen to Me. I am Christ, the Lord."

(meaningful pause)

"The so-called green pass, Sabrina, is unconstitutional and undemocratic."


"That so-called 'vaccine' - for it is not such, My beloved children - harms you, and it will harm you.

For Heaven's sake, do not accept that your children get vaccinated!

You would be harming them, and greatly so."

(meaningful pause)

"Sons and daughters.

I speak to you because I love you.

Listen to Me, then, for your own good: present and eternal."


"Sons and daughters.

I repeat: live in My Holy Grace, and trust in Me - in My Infinite Goodness - even if you fall into the dark abyss of mortal sin."


"My beloved children, I repeat: do not remain in mortal sin!"

(meaningful pause)

"And now, Sabrina, to My Bishops.

Those, in truth, who - unfortunately - are no longer Mine, in the fullest sense, for even though they were validly ordained within My Catholic Church, they are nonetheless no longer ministering for Me.

Neither do they serve Me, nor do they follow Me.

On the contrary, they follow, many of them do, the world and its perverse, anti-Christic logic."

(meaningful pause)

"Hypocrites! Whitewashed sepulchers.

Really, you are not very different from those who persecuted Me, when I lived, Loving Pilgrim, on this poor land of exile: for your Salvation."

"Sabrina, listen to Me. There, do you see it?

You are right, Sabrina. What Church is this?

Write it down, explain *, on My Site, (since It is) precious."

- I will, Lord. -

"Now listen to Me.

With Holy Wrath - for you are truly a hard-nosed people, O My shepherds! - I tell you - today - what makes Me weep.

What makes Me weep Blood, and not just human Tears."


"To Me and to you, O Bishops, and priests.

You make Me weep, and weep Blood, when: after having grievously sinned against the Sixth Commandment, alone or with an accomplice of yours, you - who are My anointed ones - sometimes do not even make an act of contrition.

And so you - O wretched ones! - then come to receive Me in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar in mortal sin.

And so you, Bishops and priests, commit not only impurity and/or sacrilegious fornication, but also the sin of sacrilege - a very grave sin in My divine, radiant eyes:

- Because you receive Me - Me, Consecrated Host - in sin.

- And also because you have profaned your body - and your soul, consecrated to Me - by fully consented impurity. By you, shepherds, who should instead be the ones to lead the souls to Me, whom I have bought at the price of all My Precious and Immaculate Blood."

(meaningful pause)

"Shepherds. Wake up.

You make Me weep, and spill Blood, when you completely silence the uncomfortable Words of My Holy Gospel.

And this you do, very often, out of human respect and quiet living.

Oh fools! And where will 'the world' be, and where will 'the people' be ... when you present yourselves - each one of you - to My Holy and irrevocable Judgment?"

"Stop, Sabrina."

Note: indeed, the Eucharistic Prayer begins.

After the Sacred Consecration, the Lord goes on to say:

"Listen to Me Sabrina."

"You, Bishops and priests, make Me weep, and weep Blood, when you absolve, at your will, souls who cannot be absolved: because they are public sinners - living in a state of manifest mortal sin - and because they have no intention of converting, changing their lives for My love."

"Daughter, for now ... you may go in peace.

But know that this My holy dictation is not concluded ..."

"Go in peace."

Inner locutions received on November 18, 2021, at church.

* Note: The Lord refers here to the ministry of Lectorate.

It is unfortunate that: in the Ambrosian Diocese, those who do not possess the so-called "green certification" cannot currently proclaim the Word of God, during Holy Mass.

And so we find ourselves, at times, suddenly thrown back into the pre-conciliar climate (let it be clear that I do not intend with this statement to despise it).

I simply note that it is the priest who reads everything: Readings (which for us Ambrosians are now two in Advent), Responsorial Psalm, Gospel. And maybe even the prayer of the faithful...

- From the way in which the readings are proclaimed, it is not infrequent to see clearly that (with great probability) the person reading the readings has not prepared at all.

Yes, useless chatter often takes place even in sacristies.

- To err is human: but it is rather rare that, when a reader makes a mistake in reading and immediately realizes it, he or she has the humility to correct themselves.

As a result, the authentic sense and meaning of the Word of God that is being proclaimed is completely lost.

For example, with reference to the Book of Revelation of St. John the Apostle: if the reader, instead of reading "immolated Lamb" reads "immolated angel"...

- The Word of God - as well as the antiphons of the Mass - is proclaimed as one would read the news on television.

But then again, the contemplative spirit is not something that can be improvised.

This hasty way of reading, besides not being considerate of the Word of Life, greatly frustrates the reception of the Word of God in the hearts of listeners who are present.

I believe that when people repeatedly show that they are incapable of fulfilling the ministry of lectorate in a sufficiently dignified and respectful way of the Word of God, it is necessary (of course, with charity and calmness, as we would like it to be done to us) to point this out to them.

After that, if a person does not have sufficient humility to accept this fraternal correction, and to try to improve himself in this area, it will be good for him to come to his senses and think whether it would not be better to withdraw from this task.

- Another thing - which, for obvious reasons, is evident not only in the ministry of lectorate, but generally wherever a faithful person engages in pastoral work - that displeases the Lord is the protagonism with which certain people read at the ambo.


For the love of Christ and immortal souls, let us all, in humility of heart, seek to serve Him better: first of all, with interior dedication, the fruit of a heart that truly desires to be converted and to belong completely to God.

And then, consequently, in the works that we put in place for His sake and that of the Church, His mystical Bride.