2019-06-11 I am Purity itself.

During the sermon at the morning Holy Mass, I hear in my heart:

"Sabrina, listen to Me. I am Christ. Amen."


"Listen to Me.

With this holy Message, I strongly want to exhort those who are impure among the children of the Church - including priests - not to desecrate this holy month of Mine by masturbating or indulging in fornication."

"What a horrible word this is: masturbation, O Sabrina, beloved dear!

It is horrible because I am Purity itself, and because these impure acts are - objectively speaking - a sign and a very strong act expressing human selfishness, which vents itself, instigated by the devil and by sinful passions."

(significant pause)

"In a special way I exhort you, My beloved ministers, to live like angels, like lilies of purity, in the time of your earthly pilgrimage.

To this, in fact, you have been called by God with the distinguished grace of holy ordination. Amen."

(significant pause)


"Sabrina, My beloved, for now go in peace, but be aware that I will come back because I have something else, important, to tell you."

"Go in peace!".

Interior locutions received on June 11, 2019, the holiday of St. Barnabas the Apostle, in church.