2022-07-27 The sacredness of the Sacrifice of Christ the Lord

  • Reparation of grave immodesty in church

  • Pleading with God for the great gift of peace

I have just recently entered the church, and before I take my seat, I already hear in my soul:

"That priest, Sabrina, who celebrated at sea, I forgive him.

Yes, I forgive him: because he is sincerely repentant, and also because he had the courage to make a public apology.

I see the heart, Sabrina."

Note: In an inner refraction - as I hear the holy words above - I feel that the outward form of such a celebration, according to Divine Thought, is unworthy of the sacredness of the Holy Mass.


"Sabrina, listen to Me.

Are you willing, in this summer season, in order to make reparation for the many, and grave, acts of immodesty committed even in My Divine Presence, in My house, to always enter it and stay there wearing long sleeves, such that they cover you all the way down to the wrist included?"

- Yes, My Lord: humbly, for Your love, I will do so. With Your holy help. -

"Please, My Sabrina: write this wish of Mine on My Site, as it is precious, so that other good souls also make, in this summer time, such a sacrifice for My sake."

- All right, Lord. -

(meaningful pause)

"Listen to Me again.

Beloved children: it is necessary for you, O Christians, My beloved disciples, to continue prayer, and heartfelt supplication, to obtain soon the gift of the long-awaited peace between Ukraine and Russia."


"For now go in peace."

Interior locutions received July 27, 2022.