2019-06-28 My Heart is the Ocean of Divine Mercy - Do love Love

As soon as I reach the Real Presence of the Lord, solemnly exposed in the Blessed Sacrament, I hear in my soul:

"My Heart is the Ocean of Divine Mercy for those who repent of the evil (they) committed, and decide to return to Me with sincerity: with a humble and grateful heart."

(significant pause)

"Very beloved children, My beloved daughters: I am the Sacred Heart Love!

I am your Innocent Brother, who loved you so much - each one of you - and loves you so much eternally: day after day, night after night, moment after moment. Always."

(significant pause)

"My beloved children, oh all of you, Catholic Christians: correspond to My immense, burning, most ardent Love, by observing with true charity My Holy Commandments.

They are not burdensome for the good and humble soul. Amen."

(significant pause)

"I was born, I died on the Cross, I rose again on the third day, especially for you, oh poor sinners: oh lost sheep, (who were) wounded, pierced by the infernal enemy, through your "yes" to mortal sin."


"Murderers, adulterers, impure (people), Freemasons, sacrilegious and fierce blasphemers: return to Me!"

"I am Goodness itself and I want and can forgive everything to you, oh sons and daughters (who were) conceived with Immense Love - Divine Love - on the hard Wood of My Holy Cross."

(significant pause)

"Children, accept the Love, that I am, in your life, torn apart by the enemy devil."

"Let yourselves be reconciled with God in the Sacrament of My Mercy - the Holy Confession -, and let this be the beginning of a new life: no longer impure, no longer dark, no longer full of lies, miseries and ridiculous masks of hypocrites."


"Come to Me, sons and daughters!

I am your Jesus.

I am Love.

I am your Divine Saviour."

"Go in peace.


Do love Love

Immediately after the end of the holy dictation of the Lord, I hear in my soul the sweet voice of the heavenly Mother:

"Love Jesus,

love My Son;

love Love".

Interior locutions received on Friday, June 28, 2019, Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in church.