2022-07-25 A pseudo divine law: fruit of "synodality"

During the homily, the celebrating priest expresses his approval of the fact that only in the Church of the present is a consultation with the laity implemented, in the name of "synodality," regarding the decisions that the leadership will then go on to express in official documents.

Shortly after, I hear in my soul:

"Listen to Me, Sabrina. I am Christ.

Listen to Me."


"So, Sabrina, now - in today's Church - with this much-vaunted "synodality," will the laity decide what is good and what is evil?

Will the majority establish in It - in My Church on earth - a pseudo divine law?

And it may very well be, Sabrina, that the troubled issue concerning the Sixth Commandment will be the first of My Commandments that they, the pastors, will change.

Indeed, in some respects, they have already changed it: starting, above all, with the wretched Amoris laetitia, signed by that heretic who has done so much damage so far, in the years of his pontificate."

(significant pause)

"Sabrina, My daughter: for now, stop here ...

Go in peace ...".

Interior locutions received July 25, 2022, Liturgical Feast of St. James the Apostle, in church.